Part One

This place used to be called Sunnyside.  As kids, my friends and I thought everyone who went to Sunnyside were mental.  I don’t even know that we knew what we were saying or what it meant to be “mental”.  What was our understanding of Sunnyside back then?  Society’s view on mental health has become more accepting of … Continue reading Part One

Part Two

Part two is different.  Part two is less about the fighting, however still contains anger and a fair bit of just sucking it up. I am on in the inside of this place, I am an inpatient.  I have to ask for towels to take a shower, I have to ask for hot water for my … Continue reading Part Two

After Discharge

This part is under construction.  It is happening now.  The journey continues with me getting stronger every day, and looking forward to a return to work.  Watch this space and follow my blog via email so you can keep up to date.